Friday, April 18, 2008

My MAAD friends!!

Some of my "MAAD" friends, they are very creative ladies. We were wearing Vivienne re-engineer T-shirt and they are Beautiful! (so are the girls) I am not going to say too much or else they may kill me and I am only uploading a small photo here, u know, young girls are so sensitive on photos. But I am so lucky to meet so many great friends in MAAD market, sharing our ideas, happiness and pain.


JB said...

I think they look great - very bright and colourful.
Will MAAD ever be on a weekend at the middle of the month for a change?

Amy Woo said...

Haha, I guess will be difficult as everyone used to first weekend already. But sometimes we do have extra MAAD Sunday like the one at Wessex Village.