Thursday, January 6, 2011

Miracle during New Year!

This is a strange story...
I was going out of my condo at East on 2 Jan, then noticed a small dog wondering around with no owner and following anyone passing by, even entering Cokld Storage and get kicked out fm there. Poor doggie, I am scared it will be hit by car and she is really cute. I lead her to the pet shop and ask the girl inside abt the dog, she has no idea! I got to go, so I beg for to keep the dog inside and I wrote note at Cold Storage notice board hoping the owner is seaching for her.

At nite, I went back with no news, the shop is closing & I cannot keep a dog, my bunnies was so stressed to hear the barking. So I am asking my good friend (Shukla) to keep the dog for the nite. We brought her to vet next day but she has no microchip (it seems hopeless). She barks everytime she is alone at home, it is really difficult with lost of headaches and cleaning the house during the 2 days.

We called SPCA, no Jac Russell lost recently. And 2 days later, we found an great adoptor and planning to take the dog to new home 2 days later. That min, Shukla searched the Dog Society www and found a pic looks very alike but lost 5 mths ago at Tampines. No way, I was really not considering that, but Shukla wanted to call and try. Ends up, she is the dog.

I hv no idea what happened to her during the mths... and we find the owner just when we were giving up. So lots of time and money spent, apology to the potential adoptor, missing the dog alots.... but we are so happy for her. I hope she will have a good life forever.

So please, dog owner, microchip yr dog, not many dog could be so lucky.

Rabbit pots

SOLD I just realized I 've again forgotten to upload all pics before the market. So some pcs are sold without any record now.