Sunday, February 21, 2010

Year of Tiger

I was really lazy and has not update anything for looong time. This is year of Tiger already. Hope it will be a good and inspiring year for anyone. In Christmas, I went to Osaka with my family and have a cold winter there. Since then was working on kithen ware for my own use, seems i never have enough but the firing is very slow because of the holidays... so while I was waiting on my work to complete. I was also busy changing my new home into "my home".
Also for those who likes my rabbits, I have 4 now and just 3 weeks before Chinese NY, Chuchu has a short fight with another fostered rabbit "Winter" she is young and huge, Chuchu got bitten seriously. Lucky after visited Dr. Cathy Chan and my 24 hours care service to Chuchu for 3 weeks, she is fully recovered. But I have to stay in Sg alone during New Yr as my hubby went back HK for new year. But it worths, as long as Chuchu can be happy and healthy.

So I am finally back to normal and hope could start my blog activities again.

Today I bought a nice wooden shelf and has been trying to fit it into my kitchen as above. Realized i need to make a few more very small pot for my soya sauce, sesame oil and cooking wine as my current pot are too big.
I planted a pot of rose (a gift fm my friend when i moved this new place) and it seems that I will have one rose every month. Everytime, I will cut it and put inside my pot and it will stay for a week or so and smells good.

I was searching for a metal flower arrangment base for long time, got it yesterday... so have try using for my vase.