Saturday, March 22, 2008

My rabbit doll

Got him from whitedogbobby stall at MAAD, I have not give him a name yet, but plan to go out with him a lots. (his underwear can be taken off!) See how happy he is climbing on my mini lime tree!!

Incense Burner

I love this incense burner, it is small but pretty, decorated with blue leaves with a lying rabbit knob. The footing is of 3 points, vry oriental feel.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Earth Prayer

(My friend sent this poem to me, it is really comforting. I would like to share with all of you. Enjoy your life as it is short.)

Those who are dead are never gone:
They are there in the thickening shadow.
The dead are not under the earth:
they are in the tree that rustles,
they are in the wood that groans,
they are in the water that sleeps,
they are in the hut, they are in the crowd,
the dead are not dead.

Those who are dead are never gone,
they are in the breast of the woman,
they are in the child who is wailing
and in the firebrand that flames.
The dead are not under the earth:
they are in the fire that is dying,
they are in the grasses that weep,
they are in the whimpering rocks,
they are in the forest, they are in the house,
the dead are not dead.

Birago Diop

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sick at home!

I am terribly sick after my HK trip, coughing whole night. Even worst after the MAAD 2 days market (I am so keen to go and meet friends after 2 mths break). Cannot concentrate on work as i am too tired.

These 2 are extremely thin big handmade plate, do them for fun and gone fast. I think they are ideal for serving dry food e.g. Sashimi and salad, very light & feel so good.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I am on Craftholic !!

I am on the new "Craftholic", u can get a copy at art venue e.g. MAAD, Art Friends, etc.
It is the first issue and the interview just cannot be better. And she even helped mentioning HRSS for rabbit adoption!!! Grab a copy & read something abt me!
p.s. have made some more rabbit mugs, they are so cute, but all gone already. In case you like to have one, pls email me for advance order, I will inform you when I have new mugs ready.

Sorry for not updating!!

Thank You so much for your support ! I am sorry that I have a long break due to family issues in past few months, now things are settled. Just upload a few pics so that you know I have been working during these few months, nothing can stop me from playing with my clay!!
My best ringholder, I am not going to sell it unless i can make a few more and can achieve same effect! It is simply adorable!

New oil burner, I plan to make few more pcs, it is so praticle (the plate is real big) and is multi-purpose, could be burner for candle and incense too.