Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sun tanning after applying wax, I will pack kiln this Fri., getting excited now. Second firing took around 3 days. Will update u all once pots are ready.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Red flowers !! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

I do not know who make these lovely pieces, pls enlighten me 😊
Jackie, yr rabbit jump out fm the box! For u, I am taking risk of being sue by Hrss and painting love them all on yr box. As u always love them all. Will color the box using glaze. And is that xiao bai ? Yr pic all on left side only no right side and butt. So I guess on that side. The black one difficult to c , c the white nose?
Will apply glaze as instructed, same as my sample mug la. And Shu Ning will apply blue most part but the part with words will be light base color
Will apply brown glaze as base then it is very natural wood feel
U can compare bunny at bottom or not. This bunny face down so at bottom not clear, I add pink flower decorate bottom a bit. After firing will be very nice, now cannot tell yet. Inside will be pearl/beige base color mix with pink will be nice.

About coloring

Dear all, while u are scratching yr head trying to imagine what it should look like when completed, just a bit basic know how, there are mainly 2 type of color applied here, underglaze and glaze. What u c now are underglaze sharper, brighter, matt. It does not change much during firing, u get what u c, if u hv special request, to ensure it turns out close to yr expectation, this is the glaze. Also if it is not the color u wanted I can still change. Glazing is the base color I refer to, u cannot c the effect and it changes nicely, I use it myself all the time as unexpected effect is what I am longing. The first cup with snail has glaze on, u cannot tell it is green and blue it will be after fired. If u hv not put special request, I may apply glaze direct. Since u cannot imagine what it is, I will make my best judgement then. I hv around 43 pots with me, if u send me question pls describe a bit yr pot. Thanks ! All are nicely done and I am having lots of fun adding color.
A bit struggling on color of tortoise .. If u wanted to change let me know this week.
Will paint a bit on the outside of the pot with lid.
Still need base color
I color the bunny in cup same too... A bit confused the blue is sharp now will apply base color to soften it
Will apply light base color
Light Base color to apply last

Workshop pieces update

Dear participants and animal lovers,

Yours pieces has finished first round firing and now I am colouring all pieces, expect second firing next Fri. Will keep you inform once ready for collection. Sorry for delay, it took me sometime to touch up so many pieces.

It is a bit difficult to contact everyone ,
so I am using this blog to show you the latest pics, any request, pls email me at

Base color will apply last, the color on snail is greenish brown with light green highlight, the shell is dark blue.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rabbit bowl

New rabbit bowl, super practical! The lid can use for serving too.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Small Bowls

Some back up bowls for last time order, wanted to use for holding candles.

New Bowl

Fresh from kiln !