Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yummy!! This is too cool!

Above dishes prepared by Shunsuke-san, using my pottery. I love to see my pottery functioning, that's their destiny. If u like to meet Shunsuke-san, go to Maad Sunday, he is having a handmade Japanese style handbag store there with his beautiful wife. And I know he has been demonstrating some cooking during Maad Sunday too, the next Maad is on 5th and 6th March.
Have Fun! I must go and learn how to make creme burlee~

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More and more rabbits

light teadust
matt white with green and yellow dot

copper rust and matt white

white, blue, purple.... don't know why there is a patch of shocking purple at one side, resolution is not good, the purple sparkled a bit, nice itself but not as I plan.

More and more pots

2 x plates, rough clay with transparent glaze, white slip and light green. SOLD

Monday, February 7, 2011

Small pots

pair of small drinking cups

Teadust is one of my favourite glaze, subtle and everchanging.

Hop hop hop


Big Plate

Medium size plate, runny deep ocean blue! SOLD

Large size plate, ideal for fruit or huge serving bowl.


Have just fired one whole kiln of pots. I love plates, but firing is really costly, I will only make plates when I rent whole kiln. So above are 2 medium size plates with lovely color effect.
(custom order)

Buttons project

Have been busy during CNY making buttons. My friend will be having an exhibition and like to get some special material. I have make lots of buttons for her, they are very special and hopefully can be part of her final art piece

Year of Rabbit

Happy Year of Rabbit! Greeting from Meowmeow and Chuchu!
While celebrating, please remember, think twice before getting a real rabbit. It is a lifetime responsibility, HRSS already have increasing no. of rescue cases in these 2 months. Please help us save life! Adopt instead of buying.