Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yoga Fair 6th Sep

Warrior Bunny is coming to town!
My yoga centre (Ananda Marga Yoga Centre) is conducting a yoga fair at Fort Canning Park on 6th Sep, 10am-6pm. Do come and have fun! We have vegetarian stalls, kids art competition, kids yoga performance, health talks, etc.

And most importantly - House Rabbit Society will have a small corner there, so u can come talk to us and meet our bunnies.
And I will do face painting (don't know why ~~) so come, brighten your day!

Candle burner

I like to work on details although it is time consuming. The effect is as expected so I am happy! I wanted to make fat bunny but there is no space already.

Bunnies in love

Starting to do more 2 bunnies item, need more consideration on the bunnies weight as too heavy may deformed the bowl shape. The rough clay is ideal for the purpose as it is very solid during firing.