Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas lunch

After switching to vege based diet, it becomes easier to cook at home than to eat outside for celebration. Most of the restaurants are serving special menu and it is hard to get something vege and nice. This morning we have prepare our lunch and since I am a potter, we are having fun using own pots to serve food. I rushed to eat after cooking, so the pics are so so ..
Above showing yam paste with wasabi & seaweed, sasami mochi and red bean mochi, hijiki and burdock, grill pepper, pickled seaweed, tomatoes, chestnut & tofu brown rice, sweet black beans, really nice fruit bowl. And one more steam vege (don't know what it is in English!) Super healthy and yummy!! ~~~ since it is special day... we hv one more grill fish (not showing here as my yogi friend will be upset to c, sorry poor fish!)
Merry Christmas!!
* the coasters are made by my friend - Betty, she is selling some of her nice items at Doinky Doodles now!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Forgotten to upload, client order, better upload or else I could not remember myself too. The real plate is 10 times nicer than pic.... i do not know how to control the light reflections. (who cares, I am only a potter!)

Merry Christmas!!

Iluma Craft Market finished, yoga centre has 2 weeks break! Happy Holiday hohoho (but still need to cook for my hubby)

Thank you for the support in 2010, I will continue making nice pottery next year, practice yoga and share with others, hopefully we can change the world with more love and less hate!

In Yr of Rabbit, pls help Rabbit Society by telling yr friends about us. People may choose to buy a real rabbit next yr then change their mind in months time. There are 1000 rabbits abandon in Sg each yr, but it may be double in coming yr. So please pls pls tell yr friends abt us, adopt instead of buying and do not buy on impluse!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Carrot Pepper

Carrot Pepper is a lovely shop selling custom made handbag in Japanese style. I am glad to hv the chance to make below for their shop! Since their works are so cute, I am making a super cute piece for them!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Long Beans!!

Have harvested a few loooong beans from the pot. Above pic, u can spot a few purple color beans, it tastes goood! So easy to plan and grow so fast.

Iluma Art Market Sunday 12 & 19 Dec


I have been packing for the market coming Sunday, have a few rabbit mugs and oil burners. As you know I do not make a lot, do come earlier if u are eager to get something special.
Also thinking of something fun for the festival, make some small fork holder using JP paper. Recycled old glass bottle to repackage. It looks really cute. Only 4 bottles available, extremely useful for Christmas party, everyone can recognize own's fork according to the pattern!
Iluma is just opp. Bugis, the fair is from noon till 8pm. (I plan to leave early if it is not so busy at nite, u can sms me at 91373743 if u are coming late nite.)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Rabbit bowl

Some clients told me my photos cannot show the real beauty of the pots... ~~ certainly, i am not a good photographer and pottery is difficult esp. to show the shinny surface and color. U got to c the actual work and hopefully touch it too. I should be joining Iluma Art mkt again in Dec, on 12 and 19 (Sunday), will confirm the details shortly. In case u are looking for something special for Christmas or just like to said hi, pls come. Oh, I should have Rabbit Society T shirt which i hv designed to sell too. Come help support us!

Plate !

I love this plate! it is so rich in color and texture... every corner is unique and mix well. I can spend whole day just looking into it.... SOLD

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Test Pot

SOLD Just fired some more small bowl for color testing. I love small items, they are adorable and sweet. The 2 tea cups are not same as my planning... lucky, it is not bad though.

New Owl Teapot

Another owl teapot, reserved.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

House Rabbit Society Singapore Event

HRSS will have a stall on 19 Sept (Sun), 2:30-5:00pm
Animal Lovers pls come and support HRSS
Hope to C U there.

Monday, August 9, 2010

2 more chawanmushi cup

Finally, all chawanmushi cup ready. I have made 8 total, 2 as back up. One cannot open at the end.

New Mugs

More mugs !! the white one with a little bird standing on top and light purple color dot.

Bird House

Made years before without firing it.. was planning for my rabbit when they were small. But they became so big and I have forgotten this pot completely. Lucky I fire it now, it is really lovely and I can use it for little bird at rooftop.


Interesting glaze effect, it is procelain plate, thin and light. Was thinking to serve sushi....

Owl Teapot

Matching the 2 owl mugs

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Test plates

small plates for color testing, it reminds me of the galaxy. Still have many pcs inside the kiln, should collect this weekend... i cannot wait. I can use them to serve soya sauce, pickles....


New pcs - rough dark clay with contrasting procelain 3d design. Sweet sweet rabbits plates, small size. I do not know how to use the plate.... maybe put a small mochi on top while having green tea ~~ should make matching teacups then.
A big rabbit mug and a small one. Color just perfect!

Lovely items

Also custom order, if u go MAAD Sunday often, u may even recognize the namecard holder. I hope u can as I try my best to follow the logo. Cannot stop myself from drawing funny pattern there, it just comes to my mind. I like pink dog!!
And the super cute owl small tea cup, with also matching teapot.... still waiting inside the kiln (I need lots of good luck... hope the teapot will be fine.)

Back to Work !!!

Custom made chawanmushi pot !! It is great order, I learn so much more on what is good size and shape for chawanmushi pot. I love bunnies, but the owl one seems very outstanding, there are 2 more inside the kiln, ready by weekend.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Take a break

After 2 Sat working at Iluma Art Bazaar, I am now taking a break and upload this pic that I wanted to share with friends for so long!!!! Allow me proudly presenting my homegrown organic (should be) bittergourd. It is indeed very long ~20cm long!! and sine the time is just right, very sweet too with little bitterness taste.

BTW, the art market is good fun, met some new friends and great clients. As usual, I have forgotton to take pics during the event and even forgotten to take pics of some of the latest items which have already sold during mkt. ~~~ it is still on going until end July so if u like handmade items, can still go and have fun.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Art Bazaar at Iluma

On 12th June and 19th June (noon-8pm), I will be having a table at Iluma Art Bazaar.

Since I have not participated Maad Sunday so much this year, will be trying my best to bring my pottery to the market so that u can see them all and touch them all!!

Come and chat with me on pottery, rabbits, yoga or anything else.

Details on iluma www as below:

Monday, April 5, 2010

Flower Pot

Custom made flower pot, it is of terracotta clay body with no glaze for better drainage. With many cute little rabbits! The plate with transparent glaze for holding water.




The pair of small coffee cups are for celebrating my 13th yrs of marriage! super small and light!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rabbit Pot

A small pot with Chinese painting touch for putting oil or soy sauce in, i need to match a handle before use it.