Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Little Smiling Fish swimming happily in the water!
Since it is not easy to see the fish at my bowl/mug bottom, I just make this clear version, u can go out with this happy fish all the time.
BTW, I have a super nice fish bowl at Makisquare Patch shop! with colorful glass surrounding the fish, probably the best fish bowl I have achieved so far. U can visit the shop and have a look if interested and allow yrself lost in the midst of those amazing toys and bags there.
The shop located at 2F, 33A Bali Lane!


Sometimes in my day dream, I see my ChuChu as my Lord, she is the highest up there and not necessary doing goods.

I draft and make this one based on my day dream. Not angel ChuChu but "Chu Chu the Magic Dragon"! Be careful of the fire from her mouth.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Blue Water Pot

Custom made water pot for client, it is decorated with pearl color around the rim, a bit runny effect.

I am very lucky to have clients who are willing to wait for 6 weeks for my creations, it is really encouraging!

Little namecard/ringholder

Specially made for a lovely girl at MAAD! I hope you like the finished look!

Pig Mug

For Pig lovers, not sure there are any or not??
Another custom order mug for client, I like this pig, it is very PIG!

Dog Mug

For Dog lovers, my new dog mug! Sorry, this one is client order. In case u are interested in dog, please contact me for advance order since I am so addicted to rabbit, it is unusual for u to find dog item when you drop by my stall.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

OWL ring holder

My first and second OWL creation!!
They are snow white owl with subtle greenish hightlighted wings and will keep yr precious things safe, mainly procelain with rough clay as base. The top one will be as my self collection, it is too cute!!ALL SOLD

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Makisquare New Shop Opening

I went for the opening party at Makisquare Fri nite. I love the new shop, you can find amazing toys, interesting paintings, books, clothing and many more there. So now no more climbing up the hill, just go Bali Lane. There is even a bus stop 2 steps in front of their shop. In the photo, can u spot my pots???

BTW, I love the doll over the TV, the one with hands inside mouth! It is cute!