Saturday, October 25, 2008

Green Plate

I have not been making plate for sometime, this one I am testing color only. For user friendliness, I added small side handles too. SOLD

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nara Deer!

This is the only picture taken in JP, me being surrounded by Nara deer!! They are super active and remind me of my bunnies!! They are everywhere in Nara park, if everyone can respect other livings, the world will be so much better.

Cat Mug

Pinkish cat mug! CUSTOM ORDER

Dog Mug

White dog mug with pink dot decoration.

Pig Bowl

I will not attend MAAD this weekend, if you wanted to get anything, please email me instead. Really exhausted after the trip and do not have enough items, will join Nov MAAD instead.
Above pig bowl is special order.

New Oil Burner

New Oil Burner, round shaped with flora pattern. SOLD

Super Big Rabbit Mug

Super big rabbit mug, this order has been pending 3 months due to delay firing, luckily the effect is good. I will stop new order on this clay, there is no more supply. (have to keep some items for my own collection!)

Rabbit Plate

Just back from HK and JP, Sept has been a non productive month for me. But it is good to have a break. Above plate just fired, it is my lantern festival dream.