Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cat Mug

Pinkish cat mug! CUSTOM ORDER


mindy said...

Hi :) I saw your pottery at "Doinky Doodles" shop and found it so adorable.. :) just visiting from Aus.
eheh do u do online sales or anything?
I like this cup as well as the meow one..
how long have u learnt pottery for? i started doing some this year, but when i want to make bowls, i make plates, when i want cups, they come out as bowls eheh :)
it's fun though~

Amy Woo said...

Thank you!!I started 20 yrs ago. When I moved to Sg few yrs ago, I can quit my job and spend more time on pottery. It is really fun and I still keep many of my early days works.

You can order via my email since I need more info. from you. But u may need to wait for few weeks before yr order is completed.

cheers, Amy