Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fish Tail Bowl

With dark blue pattern inside! SOLD

Ring/Necklace Holder

To hold many rings or necklace ! this is a unique gift for a unique friend! RESERVED

Stone feel Rabbit Mug


New Stone-feel Rabbit Pot

Cow and Pig Bowls

Custom order - Cow and pig bowls in pair!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Carpet

Just to share with you my new rabbit carpet! Thanks Xin for her magic recycle touch! and if you pay attention, you will notice the funny eyes of the rabbits on the carpet and the word "eat me" I really like it!!
U can go visit Doinky Doodles at Bali Lane if u are looking for strange but adorable stuffssssss!

Testing pot

Small milk pot to test effect, it is pink color hand painted flower pattern, the outcome is satisfactory! SOLD


Sorry for not updating, the firing at workshop is really slow recently. Finally, one new pink rabbit mug fresh from the kiln available. I am making more to supply for Christmas season, hope they will be ready soon. SOLD