Friday, August 22, 2008

Oil Burner

My favourite, it is subtle beauty, looks primitive yet I spent lots of time to design and test the effect. It is very very light too.

Pig Mug

Custom order PigMug, I can't resist to decorate the outside, cute!

Pink Tea Cup

The one and only one tea cup with plate at bottom, pink in color and big in size!


Just to show off my new test piece... ... I know some will envy me. I should have add Chuchu next to Meowmeow too, but afraid there will be no space for putting anything on this plate then. Sure have to make a few more, it is too adorable!

Piggy Pig

I really proud of my work... the expresso set and coffee cup with a small pig climbing out. Special order from a nice client, I hope she likes them.

Lovely Rabbit Mugs

New mugs fresh from the kiln - the pink one is short and fat, light blue one a bit taller and round, dark blue one is really tall. Love them all! ALL SOLD