Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pot with handle

Another pot, cannot find matching handle, but it is fun to make. Since the handle is a bit not comfortable to hold, I sew small piece of cloth for the pot :) creation with love!

Rosemary pot

Out fm kiln for a week wondering what to do with handle this morning u hv cut my mulberry tree it is too big I need the land for more herbs. Took the tree twig and make the handle, add a bit fresh rosemary along I love the aroma. Pottery with natural materials is the best match.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Owl burner

Finally, can start working! Hv been waiting for this pot, the effect is same as expected, so relieved there is no accident, the fine clay fm Japan which can hold water after firing without glazing is my favourite clay. Too bad, the supplier left sg. I hv to think carefully how to use the last 1 kg clay left.

There is an owl on the lid, with white slip, oxide pattern, light glaze, body just oxide pattern decoration. This is so my style. 😊

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hrss pottery collection

Hi, everyone

Pls inform me how u like to collect yr pots, choose from below:-

- collect at shop Doinky Doodles at Bali lane Friday onwards, anytime Tue-Sat, 1-8pm

-collect this Sunday event at east coast park

-collect fm my home at upper east coast rd.

-collect fm Betty ???!!! Maybe

Pls inform ASAP so I can bring yr work to shop or event. If it is not rush, yr pots can stay with me happily for sometime first, I very ok with it

Monday, April 2, 2012

Accident happened-
1) one pot missing after first firing, the standing bunny by Sanz
2) one small bunny left in the box for second firing ... So hv not fired yet... Sorry Jackie
This is cannot arrange anything situation.... But I hope u will accept my apology.
Sorry on these 2 cups they supposed to be blue, something is wrong with the color effect after firing, it is not showing. I will contact u for possible arrangement.
Sorry I hv changed to matt white base and black 禪 but the word is not very clear at the end... It is a bit too 禪! But the base show some light brown dot effect, hope u are ok with the overall result.
Fresh from kiln, they are ready for collection!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cappuccino cup!! Make me feel like Sunday, wish to make a few same quality pieces. 😊


Make some cats and bunnies pieces months ago, rabbit pieces donated to HRSS. Today hv time, glue the pin for cat pieces, they looks cool together, will be selling at Doinky Doodles, guess Xin will like them!