Thursday, April 28, 2011


Rescued an abandoned kitten 5 wks ago. She was 3 days old that time inside an ice cream box at my condo lobby.

Never take care of infant before, feeding every 2hrs even at nite, help poo & pee (kitten cannot poopee themselves in first few wks), keep warm at nite. It was really tiring for me and hubby... But we witnessed her eyes open, feeling her first bite with tiny teeth coming out, her first self pee pee under my desk, first poopoo in my bedroom.. and first time using her toilet to do the right business, first walk, first run, first is fascinating!

I am hoping that my rabbits will get along with her... but chance is not high... i know we will miss her alot if someone adopt her at that end but our love will be with her.

Because of the baby.... stop pottery for wks... sorry no new items available, will get back to work soon..... don't be surprise if u c some cat pottery in future !!