Friday, June 15, 2007

Painting 1

One of my favourite painting, I really enjoy the process!

Cute Meow Meow


I like this pot very much myself but only myself!

Necklace 5

I like the antique Chinese jade in knife shape, this is a twisted version and is "softer"

Necklace 4

I like this one since it is simple and easy matching. It is called "water" in which I used this old Chinese character for the decoration and it is glazed with light blue to reflect the nature of water.

Necklace 3

Just another rabbit necklace with a bit different design!

Necklace 2

Thanks Katty for the idea! after 20 times of trying, I got them right. The necklace is 5 times nicer than this pic. (I am no good in photography) I tried it on and it is really cute. Since it is not easy to make, there will only be a few available.

New Creation - Necklace 1

No more rushing to workshop from now on, I have been creating new products which I can take time and make at home and also to increase the product range of my ceramics. (actually, I am have tremendous range already!!) So even u are just interest in small functional item, u will find it. The above necklace is specially make and decorated with raw string. It also enriched with rose fragrance (secret !secret !), smells real nice!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Narrow neck mini bottle

I heard it was sold already, better upload the pic in case I forgot.

Rabbit Cups

Foamy Beer Glass

After a few experiments, I have got this right! These specially made glasses can generate extra foamy beer and keep the foam for longer time so that you can enjoy rich creamy beer. I am so happy with the effect I have made 100 glasses last year to sell at Christmas bazaar and also I have give away some to my friends. Now, there are only a few pairs left in which I am selling at DIS shop and Hein Art Gallery. I am very happy during the process as I can test coloring on 100 glasses and most of them come out great and unique. Maybe when I have time, I would do this project again!


Teapot teapot! I have keep this set as I like the overall effect too much.


Procelain is one of my favourite clay, you can throw anything and alter as you like and it would not loss it's strength. I particularly like to keep the white surface of it, just a few strokes to decorate , it will be stunning already.
I like this flower painting although it is a bit time consuming to draw but the effect is ideal. I am happy that it comes out the way it should be, I have painted a set of bowls like this too just to ensure that I could remember to way to do it. Lucky I have taken this picture before it sold.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Sleeping beauty

Sweet dreams!


Cups again! Deformed a little bit to show the interesting characteristic of procelain.


I cannot stop making teacup of various shape and size. The above 2 are specially glazed to reflected the effect of water movement.

Fish Bowls

I have a tank of guppies at home and they are of many generations. They seems happy and I like to put guppies inside my bowls and teacup sometimes.

Rabbits rabbits

Rabbits rabbits, love them all!!

4 seasons

Decorated with oxide and slip, i hope to continue and work out the other 3 seasons.

Rabbit Incense Burner

I have been making a series of incense burner with different rabbit knob, this is one of them.

Sake Set

Sake Set custom made for customer with 6 drinking plates. Rough texture outside with transparent glaze inside.

Tea Set

One of my favourite tea set for 4 persons - thrown and altered bowls and cups with abstract painting.

Chuchu & me

My Love!!

Meowmeow & me

Me and my son, very rare occassion since he does not like me holding him at all!

Namecard Holder

Namecard holder with Meowmeow and Chuchu together, the fat one is Chuchu, MeowMeow always lay down and stretch his legs.


ChuChu is my lovely angel, she is the most beautiful rabbit in this world and I love her most!

Rabbit Ringholder

One of my rabbit ringholder for you to put your accessories or simply to treasure the lovely rabbit.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Flying Angel

"Love is in the Air" rabbit angel, you can hang them anywhere you like and they will accompany you all the time.

Little MeowMeow

My little boy - Meow Meow, he loves to lick ChuChu and is a gentleman. You can easily spot his shadow from my work, he is the model of my flying rabbit angel !!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rabbit Heaven

Specially made for one of the rabbit lover in Singapore, it is the heaven for her lovely rabbits. I hope they can enjoy themselves and have a good rest.