Monday, December 26, 2011

First HRSS pottery workshop on 4th Feb 2012!

Beginning of 2012! A bit bore? too lazy to move? Why not hop hop hop into the creative world!

In this workshop, you will learn the basic properties of clay and how to create using basic forming techniques – pinching and slab work. You will also learn to decorate and personalize your artwork. Last but not least, demonstration on how to use clay to make cute little bunny will be provided!

Date: -
4th Feb (Sat) 6pm-8:30pm

Fee: -

$40 for Passion Card holder

$45 for non Passion Card holder*

1. Tools & materials provided, glazing & firing cost included
2. Only for one piece of artwork** dimension within 10cm x 10cm for each participant. Thereafter, $6 surcharge for each add on artwork applicable.

Venue: -
Kampong Glam Community Club, Pottery Workshop
385 Beach Road Singapore 199581

Language: -
English (and Cantonese!)

Pre-requisite: -
None, anyone age 12 or above

*Artwork need to glaze & fire after class, it will take 3-4 weeks before ready for collection.
**Application fee for passion card is $12

For further information or registration, pls email to The profit from above event will donate to HRSS. It will be a great opportunity to chat with other animal lovers too.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Coasters !

Got invitation to Popin (group of needle work lovers) Christmas Party. Have to make your own gift for exchange, my hubby is going with me, so here is his first sewing piece (under my very strict supervision!). It is 2 sided coaster using Japanese traditional cloth with herbs inside for aroma. When you put a hot cup of tea on top, the smell will be really nice!!!

I am so impressed by his workmanship, may train him to become an artist !! haha! and yes, he got to make one for me too.

BTW, it was a wonderful party! Thanks Betty for the invitation! (I only bring along my pottery for exchange)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Small pots

A few more small pots from the same kiln!

The sad cat mug

The cat is not sad but I am as the mug cannot take the weight of the cat and crack. It is such a waste, the pearl blue effect is amazing.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Kitten

My kitten (Sesame) is growing bigger! She is sweet and playful, but extremely gentle to my bunnies. Lucky I have taken her to my home, now we are family. Above pic, she with Winter the bunny girl and Winter still chase Sesame around ~~

Wanted to try making your own bowl?

In 2012, I decided to conduct pottery workshop for those who like my style. For those who inquire me before and been rejected by me. ... you can email me for further information. I am still working on the venue arrangement and finalize details.
But if you already have a few friends interested, do email me and I should be able to start the first workshop soon.
Please be remind that you got to dirty your hands a bit during the process and "yes" u have to cut your mails short.
I LOVE pottery and hope you would enjoy it too!

More Pots

Blue Pot - medium size, the large lid is convenience for putting cookies or so. SOLD
Actually this is also my favourite pot this round. Different from dragonfly plate, this bowl is result of hardwork and precision. Raku clay bowl with carving and white slip, lightly glaze to highlight the effect. It takes much more time than any other pot but normally it is easier to control the end result. .. meaning not much surprise or heart attack.
Suppose to be a big pot but the shrinkage is more than 20%!! Glazed with copper rust to achieve antique touch.
Medium size bowl with yellow and greenish dot! How come there is tiny brownish dot??? Glaze just fly here and there during firing!

Rabbit Bowl

2 lovely rabbit trying to run out of the bowl!

Owl pot

Needless to explain, it is small and beautiful, ideal for sugar or salt, the lid is perfect match.

Raku clay pot

Raku clay pot, I may use it as hand soap bottle... but my bathroom not Zen at all. Haha it is perfect fit !! Amazing!!

Fish Bowl - more than expected! I really not sure what would happen after firing... It has been a very experimental process. I plan to apply color slip after carving the fish then I changed my mind last minute without any other idea. After bisque firing, I am totally lost as I normally plan the glazing ahead during throwing or trimming. This piece is trying my luck, although the fish pattern is not very clear but the 5 different glazes just blend together and show the best of them.
The handles and high temp has affected the balance of the plate and reshape it a bit but it is still very nice. SOLD

Dragonfly Plate

My favourite pot this round! I love dragonfly and this plate effect is totally as expected, not more & not less (actually I would love if it is more than expected!). The procelain plate is a bit irregular and very light weighted so really match dragonfly.

Rabbit mugs - quick quick, get it before all gone!

That is all I have this firing!! Email me quickly if you hope to get something special for Christmas and New Year, my rabbits mugs never stay with me more than 3 weeks.

Small plates for fun!!

There is usually lots of space at the bottom of the kiln unused because of the spacing and circulation of air for firing. I like to make small things to occupy the space since firing cost is EXpensive!
Above - small plates with Raku clay and slip and min. glazing, very earthy.
And clay tag , etc. Right top corner plate sold

Set of 5 bowls

This set of bowl order was received in early 2011.... I hope can deliver to customer this year ~
The actual color is much more dramatic than this pic, many clients asked me to improve my photo taking skill!!

Cat Mug

Cat mug.. I tried to put the cat on top near rim but the pot cannot take the weigh and crack after firing. This is second mug with different position with less pressure of body. Reserved

Small testing bowls/cups

Some nice test bowls, ideal for tea drinking or serving appetizer!

New pots - 3 Happy Birds

It has been a loooong time since last update! Yoga class.. more yoga classes... family trip... waiting for firing... keep waiting for firing. Finally I have my whole kiln fired. It is always an exciting moment to open the kiln with lots of hope and expectation! It is a mix and match with surprise and disappointment... a few pots with wonderful color effect stick with the kiln board because of the glazes! I have underestimated the temp this round.
So here are some of the pots, enjoy and it is my pleasure to share the work with all of you! Thank you for checking my blog!
Above - a set of 3 bird mug (green, blue & pink), special order for a family of 3!