Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Personal Review

2008 has been:
- a sad beginning as my dad has left early 08
- a busy year to complete my yoga instructor class and handling family at the same time between 2 places
- an interesting year to start conducting yoga classes and meeting new friends
- a fruitful year with lots of pottery order and customers and friends who love my work
- a tough year with more rescued rabbits from House Rabbit Society and more involvement
- a happy year with supports from known and unknown friends who are supportive to me on my pottery, on my spiritual development and on my love on animals
- a comforting year with my husband by my side

Maybe I should mentioned financial crisis, etc. but somehow those are tiny dust, not that i've not suffered. But I am richer than the day I was born and I am going to be richer as long as I enjoy and feel my life.

Also, one friend talk to me when she is in trouble, one friend talk to me when she is getting insane, i get help from a few old friends when i needed. I may have made a few new good friends i guess.

I feel less lonely most of the time this yr and I feel stronger too. I am not as sad as beginning of the yr although somehow I will feel pain and cry.

Overall it is good to have 2008. I will be looking forward for 2009 and I will be 39 years old then.

Thank you for staying with me!

Pencil Holder

Another custom order for Christmas with festive color!

Namecard holder

Rare occasion that I apply so much color, but it is an advanced order for Christmas and I am in the mood to color it. The purple is a nice surprise. I have waited for a week before upload this pic, sure now it should be at the owner's hand. I hope she would love it.

Sometimes I will look at a piece for long time, wondering how long it will last, probably 50 yrs, 100 yrs or longer. .. It probably can survives another 100 Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cute MeowMeow

What to say, Meoemeow is really too handsome!

New Rabbit Mugs

2 rabbit mugs, just out from kiln, could be a great Christmas gift if you contact me soon enough!

Lovely Bunny

This little dwarf bunny stay with me for 2 weeks, she is so shy and timid. I place this pine cone on her head then she will stop move, like a little princess.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thank you for your support

Thanks for your support in the past 2 yrs!

From now onwards, to avoid confusion & disappointment, I will update status on individual pic. So u will know the availability. If there is any sold item u would like to get, please place a custom order, it will normally take 2 months to complete the order.

Wish you all a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!!

Yours faithfully,

HRSS need help urgently

HRSS has just take in 19 rabbits 3 weeks ago from SPCA from being euthanized, and is urgently seeking the necessary funds and foster homes for the rabbits. Pls kindly contact HRSS or myself if u are interested in sponsorship, fostering or adoption.

See full story :
To see how you can help :

Do open your heart and make a difference in the lives of helpless animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

MAAD Market 6-7 Dec

Wanna to get something for Christmas? wanna have some fun? or just like to chat and explore new ideas! Meet us at Red Dot Museum this Sat/Sun, 11am-7pm!! Since this is the end of the year, I will bring as many items as possible.

And for those who are interested on real rabbits, come chat with me, House Rabbit Society is looking for foster parent currently. Please give the rabbit a second chance.

Direction: Tanjong Pagar MRT, then exit Red Dot Museum. U will see the White House (white color bidg.) the Red Dot Museum (red color bldg.)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fish Tail Bowl

With dark blue pattern inside! SOLD

Ring/Necklace Holder

To hold many rings or necklace ! this is a unique gift for a unique friend! RESERVED

Stone feel Rabbit Mug


New Stone-feel Rabbit Pot

Cow and Pig Bowls

Custom order - Cow and pig bowls in pair!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Carpet

Just to share with you my new rabbit carpet! Thanks Xin for her magic recycle touch! and if you pay attention, you will notice the funny eyes of the rabbits on the carpet and the word "eat me" I really like it!!
U can go visit Doinky Doodles at Bali Lane if u are looking for strange but adorable stuffssssss!

Testing pot

Small milk pot to test effect, it is pink color hand painted flower pattern, the outcome is satisfactory! SOLD


Sorry for not updating, the firing at workshop is really slow recently. Finally, one new pink rabbit mug fresh from the kiln available. I am making more to supply for Christmas season, hope they will be ready soon. SOLD

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Green Plate

I have not been making plate for sometime, this one I am testing color only. For user friendliness, I added small side handles too. SOLD

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nara Deer!

This is the only picture taken in JP, me being surrounded by Nara deer!! They are super active and remind me of my bunnies!! They are everywhere in Nara park, if everyone can respect other livings, the world will be so much better.

Cat Mug

Pinkish cat mug! CUSTOM ORDER

Dog Mug

White dog mug with pink dot decoration.

Pig Bowl

I will not attend MAAD this weekend, if you wanted to get anything, please email me instead. Really exhausted after the trip and do not have enough items, will join Nov MAAD instead.
Above pig bowl is special order.

New Oil Burner

New Oil Burner, round shaped with flora pattern. SOLD

Super Big Rabbit Mug

Super big rabbit mug, this order has been pending 3 months due to delay firing, luckily the effect is good. I will stop new order on this clay, there is no more supply. (have to keep some items for my own collection!)

Rabbit Plate

Just back from HK and JP, Sept has been a non productive month for me. But it is good to have a break. Above plate just fired, it is my lantern festival dream.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oil Burner

My favourite, it is subtle beauty, looks primitive yet I spent lots of time to design and test the effect. It is very very light too.

Pig Mug

Custom order PigMug, I can't resist to decorate the outside, cute!

Pink Tea Cup

The one and only one tea cup with plate at bottom, pink in color and big in size!


Just to show off my new test piece... ... I know some will envy me. I should have add Chuchu next to Meowmeow too, but afraid there will be no space for putting anything on this plate then. Sure have to make a few more, it is too adorable!

Piggy Pig

I really proud of my work... the expresso set and coffee cup with a small pig climbing out. Special order from a nice client, I hope she likes them.

Lovely Rabbit Mugs

New mugs fresh from the kiln - the pink one is short and fat, light blue one a bit taller and round, dark blue one is really tall. Love them all! ALL SOLD

Monday, July 28, 2008

Maad Sunday this weekend!

I will be back this weekend at MAAD Sunday to meet my MAAD friends and clients!! This time will bring lots of items. Come and treasure hunt!!

See u Sat/Sun 11am-7pm at Red Dot Museum!

My Boy!!

Look at meowmeow!! This is so classical Japanese rabbit posture! He is the most handsome boy I ever meet in my life!

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Praying Rabbit Incense Burner

My new incense burner, medium size with a rabbit praying. I guess she is wishing for more carrots!

Recently the firing has been very slow at workshop so for those with pending orders, sorry that you need to wait for awhile, I will contact you once your order is ready. Thank you for waiting!Reserved

Owl Mug

Sorry for not updating for long time! I have been struggling with new laptop. This is my new owl mug! using semi-stonefeel so it has this very earthy taste! It is sold already, one of the kind! My next one waiting for firing is using procelain, let's see how the effect will be. SOLD

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pink pink pink

Too many request on pink color rabbit items!! Right and left mugs are pink on white, the plate is pink on creamy color. Please make sure u order in advance to ensure yr pink item is available. ALL SOLD

Rabbit Bubble Bath

I was having my favourite ice cream float at home using my beloved rabbit mug. It is just speechlessly interesting!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Owl Ringholder

To sell or not to sell!!

I love my owl ringholer though i keep one already. The tiny nut on the ground is so interesting.
For those who wanted a owl ringholder, please order via mail first ... I have problem letting go if they are not make for particular person.

SOLD but there are still 2 more at Bali Lane shop

Monday, June 2, 2008

Rabbit Vase

When i upload the vase pic last time on the blog, it was just a vase.

See how it transformed into "the rabbit vase" after my client putting flowers in. Even I do not imagine it will come out so matched.

As I always say, use the pot and feel the difference it brings to your daily life.

Special thanks for providing this pic to me!