Saturday, February 14, 2009

Homeless Rabbits

HRSS still has around 14 homeless rabbits at the farm. They are truly adorable and deserve a second chance. If you are interested to help fostering them or adopt them, please kindly contact me at .
Above pictures are Josie and Winter, the 2 really lovely bunnies has spent 2 weeks at my kitchen corner before sending to the new foster parents.
During fostering period, HRSS will provide necessary supplies e.g. pellets, hay, food bowls, playpen etc. We only ask for limited space, time and lots of love from the foster parents. The fostering period could be 3 months or longer.

Blue Rabbit Oil Burner

A really long break for me, back HK in NY, and the firing at workshop is extremely slow. My pcs waited for months before firing. This is the first pot out from kiln in the year of OX.