Monday, August 9, 2010

2 more chawanmushi cup

Finally, all chawanmushi cup ready. I have made 8 total, 2 as back up. One cannot open at the end.

New Mugs

More mugs !! the white one with a little bird standing on top and light purple color dot.

Bird House

Made years before without firing it.. was planning for my rabbit when they were small. But they became so big and I have forgotten this pot completely. Lucky I fire it now, it is really lovely and I can use it for little bird at rooftop.


Interesting glaze effect, it is procelain plate, thin and light. Was thinking to serve sushi....

Owl Teapot

Matching the 2 owl mugs

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Test plates

small plates for color testing, it reminds me of the galaxy. Still have many pcs inside the kiln, should collect this weekend... i cannot wait. I can use them to serve soya sauce, pickles....


New pcs - rough dark clay with contrasting procelain 3d design. Sweet sweet rabbits plates, small size. I do not know how to use the plate.... maybe put a small mochi on top while having green tea ~~ should make matching teacups then.
A big rabbit mug and a small one. Color just perfect!

Lovely items

Also custom order, if u go MAAD Sunday often, u may even recognize the namecard holder. I hope u can as I try my best to follow the logo. Cannot stop myself from drawing funny pattern there, it just comes to my mind. I like pink dog!!
And the super cute owl small tea cup, with also matching teapot.... still waiting inside the kiln (I need lots of good luck... hope the teapot will be fine.)

Back to Work !!!

Custom made chawanmushi pot !! It is great order, I learn so much more on what is good size and shape for chawanmushi pot. I love bunnies, but the owl one seems very outstanding, there are 2 more inside the kiln, ready by weekend.