Tuesday, May 5, 2009

coffee mug

i have not keep one for myself so far since i do not drink coffee but small size item is always cuter! Small mug with blue insider and a climbing rabbit, in rough clay.

Kimchi pot

I do not eat kimchi, but can use to serve any food too. The lid is reversible, so that it can stand as a small serving plate. I plan to make another one with wider opening so can be my noodle bowl with a serving plate on top, good for lazy one like me, can put some sauce, etc on the plate with the noodle with just one hand then.
Inside with blue glaze, outside with oriental flora painting. Rough clay at high temperature.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Salad Bowl

Testing new color effect and this is the result! sold

Salad Bowl

I love to paint light blue flora pattern - this one is my dandelion plants (tampopo), my bunnies love to eat dandelion so I tried very very hard to plant myself. Normally it likes cold climate, but I have one growing, so I have to celebrate!!

3 legs small bowls with decorative handles

They are small bowls with 3 legs at bottom. Natural brownish clay with black dots. Glazed with light blue and dark blue respectively. I made the dried grass handle using my lemon grass growing in the balcony. I love the smell! Although it is decorative handle, it is also strong (surprisingly).


Five Bats celebrating with Happy Bird Plate

Just one and only one plate, I like all Chinese myths and poems and this plate is inspired by the tradition - 5 Bats bring good fortune and good luck and the happy bird is for good news. To match, I added the chrysanthemum shaped handles and glazed with mat light blue.