Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Personal Review

2008 has been:
- a sad beginning as my dad has left early 08
- a busy year to complete my yoga instructor class and handling family at the same time between 2 places
- an interesting year to start conducting yoga classes and meeting new friends
- a fruitful year with lots of pottery order and customers and friends who love my work
- a tough year with more rescued rabbits from House Rabbit Society and more involvement
- a happy year with supports from known and unknown friends who are supportive to me on my pottery, on my spiritual development and on my love on animals
- a comforting year with my husband by my side

Maybe I should mentioned financial crisis, etc. but somehow those are tiny dust, not that i've not suffered. But I am richer than the day I was born and I am going to be richer as long as I enjoy and feel my life.

Also, one friend talk to me when she is in trouble, one friend talk to me when she is getting insane, i get help from a few old friends when i needed. I may have made a few new good friends i guess.

I feel less lonely most of the time this yr and I feel stronger too. I am not as sad as beginning of the yr although somehow I will feel pain and cry.

Overall it is good to have 2008. I will be looking forward for 2009 and I will be 39 years old then.

Thank you for staying with me!

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