Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas lunch

After switching to vege based diet, it becomes easier to cook at home than to eat outside for celebration. Most of the restaurants are serving special menu and it is hard to get something vege and nice. This morning we have prepare our lunch and since I am a potter, we are having fun using own pots to serve food. I rushed to eat after cooking, so the pics are so so ..
Above showing yam paste with wasabi & seaweed, sasami mochi and red bean mochi, hijiki and burdock, grill pepper, pickled seaweed, tomatoes, chestnut & tofu brown rice, sweet black beans, really nice fruit bowl. And one more steam vege (don't know what it is in English!) Super healthy and yummy!! ~~~ since it is special day... we hv one more grill fish (not showing here as my yogi friend will be upset to c, sorry poor fish!)
Merry Christmas!!
* the coasters are made by my friend - Betty, she is selling some of her nice items at Doinky Doodles now!

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