Friday, March 23, 2012

About coloring

Dear all, while u are scratching yr head trying to imagine what it should look like when completed, just a bit basic know how, there are mainly 2 type of color applied here, underglaze and glaze. What u c now are underglaze sharper, brighter, matt. It does not change much during firing, u get what u c, if u hv special request, to ensure it turns out close to yr expectation, this is the glaze. Also if it is not the color u wanted I can still change. Glazing is the base color I refer to, u cannot c the effect and it changes nicely, I use it myself all the time as unexpected effect is what I am longing. The first cup with snail has glaze on, u cannot tell it is green and blue it will be after fired. If u hv not put special request, I may apply glaze direct. Since u cannot imagine what it is, I will make my best judgement then. I hv around 43 pots with me, if u send me question pls describe a bit yr pot. Thanks ! All are nicely done and I am having lots of fun adding color.

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