Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sorry for not updating!!

Thank You so much for your support ! I am sorry that I have a long break due to family issues in past few months, now things are settled. Just upload a few pics so that you know I have been working during these few months, nothing can stop me from playing with my clay!!
My best ringholder, I am not going to sell it unless i can make a few more and can achieve same effect! It is simply adorable!

New oil burner, I plan to make few more pcs, it is so praticle (the plate is real big) and is multi-purpose, could be burner for candle and incense too.


rabboni07 said...

still have more of the rabbit mugs? I would like to have one to give to my student.

Amy Woo said...

hope u got my mail, i will hve some mugs completed in 2-3 weeks time, will inform you then. thanks