Monday, June 8, 2009

Bunnies in love mug

Custom made order - I am so upset cause this is really lovely and I have to let go. Each work is unique so even I make another one, it will be different.


SabbieW said...

It is for me right? =D Yippeee!!!!!
Make another one that kisses maybe the other on the forehead! :P

Sure sell! haha or keep to demote ur love with ur husband lor

Are u going to be at MAAD July?
How to get mug from u?

Love SabbieW

SabbieW said...

They are so beautiful! thank you Amy... hehe Big HuGss and kisses ]^-^

Amy Woo said...

it is yours!~
not going MAAD Jul la, how abt collect at Doinky Doodles? let me know so i can place it there first.

SabbieW said...

=) I am not sure when I will be going that direction, but i hope soon in case the bunnies get to run out of the cup..hehe .. but if DD don't mind I am ok... can you email me your account # and type plus price? =) thank you Amy! they are lovely

By the way i meant "denote" not "demote" in my earlier post... sorry for typo error sigh...
love SabbieW