Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Fishes!

Fresh from the kiln, happy fishes bowls!! I am pisces and I like the fishes I made, they are smiling.
Sometimes, I heard people saying "oh, i did it before" I believed it is not what others did that matter me, it is what i did that is important to me. It is true that art required talent, but more it required hard working, it is through millions times work, one becomes an artist; with passion, skill, experience and insight. Bit by bit, i am accumulating and thank you for being with me in this path.


annimania said...

I am a self-taught potter or rather a hobbyist from Finland. I make two kinds of works: I make these cute angles and cats; and "half-naked" women sculptures. I don´t know much about glazes, I sure don´t know how to make them. I have to buy my glazes from ceramic supply stores and there are only two of those here in Finland. I saw your "Happy Fishes" bowls and I fell in love with the glaze, the shade of blue is amazing! I was wondering if You could tell me something about that particular glaze. Have You made it Yourself, how have You fired it in the kiln, could You give me the recipe!?

Amy Woo said...

Hi, Annimania

This glaze is just chun blue which is very common commercial glaze. You should be able to get it even in Finland (i hope). But for u to get ideal effect u really need to spend time to test it on temp and thickness and clay medium and glazing tehnique. e.g. the clay i am using is a special rough clay with some light blue dot itself. And i purposely make the bowl thicker to absorb more glaze to achieve glassy effect. Also, glaze inside first and leave 1/3 of outside without glaze. Thus, glaze effect will be max. inside. Higher temp firing around 1260-1280. This is just an example of how to get an ideal effect fm glaze, if u can manage the glaze correctly, u can come up with different effect to fit into yr needs. Enjoy yr experiment !! (actually i rarely mix my glaze now since there are so many supplies, spend time to test glaze/slip/oxide/wax effect is fun and easy and i can breath in less harmful particles!)

Amy Woo said...
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