Sunday, November 11, 2007

Have Fun!

I am kind of lazy upload every item i have made so far, it would be thousand of pics, too much to load. But I will upload a bit more now since people really visit my blog.
Another new ringholder, fresh from the kiln! This is a bit bigger, I have 2 more smaller one under process, preparing for Dec 1 & 2 MAAD Christmas stall!Lovely plate, hard to make though. Difficult to manage the slip in a nice clean way. I am satisfied with the effect, may make some more when I have time.
Personal collection, it is just too cute and lazy, ideal for coffee drinking during boring meeting. BTW, rabbit really rest like that when they are totally relax !
Rabbit and tortoise race sugar container, why blue tortoise?? i also don't know!

My cats couple incense holder, sold to a super nice lady in Nov! I love the pinkish! Dear ladies, thank you for the support and encouragement!! (I really should have a guest book for all my dear customer to sign!!Let's do it in Dec)

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